Leading the next generation
of convergence lighting technology

Branches of KILT

Research & Development

Researches on Convergence Lighting

  • Convergence lighting system for artificial lighting source in plant growth
  • Solar-like high color convergence lighting system
  • Lighting technology for culture industry by light source control technology
  • Photonic analysis for different industries that has possibilities for lighting convergence

Researches on Core Technology of Lightening

  • Technologies for lighting source technologies (LED, OLED, and QD, etc.)
  • Analysis technologies for heat insulation material

Researches on Lighting Analysis

  • Development of analysis technologies on new lighting products
  • Development of comprehensive analysis techniques for electronic, optic, and heat characteristics

Researches on Lighting Designs

  • Optic/Heat insulation technologies for general and convergence lightings

reference image

  • International accreditation tests of KOLAS (Optics)
  • Requests and tests for R&D projects
  • Product tests for quality management and group standard tests
  • General performance tests
  • Other reference tests
List of Researchers in Jeonbuk Branch
Researchers in Jeonbuk Branch
Divisions Name Position Telephone No.
Director of the Branch Yoo, Jae-hyeong Director of the Branch 063) 837-0570
Jeonbuk Branch Lee, Hong-sik Senior Researcher 063) 837-0570~3
Lee, Jin-hwan Head Researcher
Bae, Ho-joon Researcher
Yeon, Seung-hwan Researcher
Kim, Hyeon-jin Administrator
FAX 063) 837-0880