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TL Mark

TL Mark

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Trust Lighting mark, or the TL, is the accreditation that provides satisfaction and credibility for customers and users of lighting products that fulfilled performance and safety requirements for lightings and related convergence products. KILT assesses production lines and end products of the manufacturers with strict criteria for performances and safety, and grants the TL marks for the products to guarantee the best quality of the lighting products and related convergence products. The accreditation process for the lighting and related convergence products is based on standard accreditation criteria for the TL marks, continuously developed and revised by the KILT to guarantee performance and safety of the products.

Subjects of TL Accreditation

According to the Korean Standard Industrial Classification (KSIC)
Classification Group(s) Subgroup(s)


manufacture of Electric Equipment


Manufacture of Light bulbs and Lighting Equipment


Manufacture of Light bulbs & Lamps


Manufacture of Lighting Equipment

Accreditation Process

Accreditation Process
Application Join as the business member of the KILT webpage, log in, and upload the application form and related documents at “Apply for Accreditation” menu to begin the accreditation process.
Assessment & Consultation The KILT will assess the filed documents and forms, consult with the applicants regarding the scope of accreditation of the product, and estimate the cost for the whole process, before the applicant makes the accreditation fee.
Evaluation Scheduling & Notification KILT will notify the applicant of the schedule, cost, and other items related to the evaluation as consented by both parties.
Field Assessment A team of two examiners will visit the premise of the manufacturer for the field assessment.(Assessment manager and observing examiner may accompany the examiner team)
Product Assessment After passing the field assessment, the applicant will be requested to consent the examiner to collect samples of the product for the evaluation at the internal laboratory.
Overall Evaluation Report for field assessments and the result of product analysis will be evaluated whether the results satisfy the criteria level for standard TL accreditation.
Accreditation Review Review board will be summoned to decide on the accreditation of the product
Accreditation Agreement When the review board grants accreditation of the product, the applicant will enter into Accreditation Agreement with KILT.
Issue of Accreditation Certificate & Notification at the Website KILT will issue the Accreditation Certificate to the manufacturer, and register the manufacturer as accredited company on the KILT website.